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The mass protests in Hong Kong in 2019 led to a critical turning point in the city. The protest initially was against the extradition law amendment bill, later on, while the police force appeared to lose patient and self-control, thousands of protesters suffered different kinds of violence; the movement evolved to another level: Hongkongers ask for self-determination to restore their home.  However, it failed to achieve any demands. The brutality that Hongkongers encountered profoundly shaped the perception of their home. The aftermath of the political unrest is strict; the loss, the associated grief and the fear are fixed in the conscious and unconscious mind of the Hongkongers.

Permanent damage is an ongoing body of work investigating the unconscious psychological effects existing in the aftermath of the protests in Hong Kong, discussing the situation in the city and depicting the loss and grief of Hongkongers. The memory of the conflicts redefined the collective memory of Hongkongers, also the landscape of Hong Kong is covered by the shadow of distrust, fear, and pain. The despair and sadness are revealed by my autobiographical approach. I photographed my friends, who shared similar experience, by asking them to think of what was happened and what will happen. Their gaze tells the story implicitly.

The tiny fragments of daily life construct the narrative and the notion. After witnessing all the unjust, I consider the implicit influences of daily life could give more sense to the whole picture. Therefore, I dig into the physical presence left in the conflict between power and resistance to search for the phantasy that belongs to my beloved Hongkongers and me. The remaining reminds us the coming gloomy future

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